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1. Antimicrobial Usage for the Management of Mastitis in the USA: Impacts on Antimicrobial Resistance and Potential Alternative Approaches

By Benti D. Gelalcha, Getahun E. Agga and Oudessa Kerro Dego

Part of book: Mastitis in Dairy Cattle, Sheep and Goats [Working Title]

2. Role of Dietary Supplements in Prevention of Renal Stones: An Update

By Akshata Sangolli, Shridhar C. Ghagane and Rajendra B. Nerli

Part of book: B-Complex Vitamins - Sources, Intakes and Novel Applications [Working Title]

3. Stored Grain Pests and Current Advances for their Management

By Rayees Ahmad, Shafiya Hassan, Showkat Ahmad, Syed Nighat, Yendrambamb K. Devi, Kounser Javeed, Salma Usmani, Mohammad Javed Ansari, Sait Erturk, Mustafa Alkan and Barkat Hussain

Part of book: Postharvest Technology - Recent Advances, New Perspectives and Applications [Working Title]

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Most cited chapters in this category

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1. Antibiotics in Aquaculture – Use, Abuse and Alternatives

By Jaime Romero, Carmen Gloria Feijoo and Paola Navarrete

Part of book: Health and Environment in Aquaculture

2. Pesticides: Environmental Impacts and Management Strategies

By Harsimran Kaur Gill and Harsh Garg

Part of book: Pesticides - Toxic Aspects

3. Bacillus-Based Biological Control of Plant Diseases

By Hélène Cawoy, Wagner Bettiol, Patrick Fickers and Marc Ongena

Part of book: Pesticides in the Modern World - Pesticides Use and Management


Most downloaded chapters in this category in last 30 days

Chapter title
1. Factors Affecting Yield of Crops

By Tandzi Ngoune Liliane and Mutengwa Shelton Charles

Part of book: Agronomy - Climate Change & Food Security

2. Use of Organic Fertilizers to Enhance Soil Fertility, Plant Growth, and Yield in a Tropical Environment

By Amjad A. Ahmad, Theodore J.K. Radovich, Hue V. Nguyen, Jensen Uyeda, Alton Arakaki, Jeana Cadby, Robert Paull, Jari Sugano and Glenn Teves

Part of book: Organic Fertilizers - From Basic Concepts to Applied Outcomes

3. Biotic and Abiotic Stresses in Plants

By Audil Gull, Ajaz Ahmad Lone and Noor Ul Islam Wani

Part of book: Abiotic and Biotic Stress in Plants

4. Plant Tissue Culture: Current Status and Opportunities

By Altaf Hussain, Iqbal Ahmed Qarshi, Hummera Nazir and Ikram Ullah

Part of book: Recent Advances in Plant in vitro Culture

5. Domestic Livestock and Its Alleged Role in Climate Change

By Albrecht Glatzle

Part of book: Forage Groups

6. Banana Pseudo-Stem Fiber: Preparation, Characteristics, and Applications

By Asmanto Subagyo and Achmad Chafidz

Part of book: Banana Nutrition - Function and Processing Kinetics

7. Chemical Properties of Starch and Its Application in the Food Industry

By Henry Omoregie Egharevba

Part of book: Chemical Properties of Starch

8. Pesticides: Environmental Impacts and Management Strategies

By Harsimran Kaur Gill and Harsh Garg

Part of book: Pesticides - Toxic Aspects

9. Analytical Methods of Isolation and Identification

By Weisheng Feng, Meng Li, Zhiyou Hao and Jingke Zhang

Part of book: Phytochemicals in Human Health

10. Introduction to Phytochemicals: Secondary Metabolites from Plants with Active Principles for Pharmacological Importance

By Nadia Mendoza and Eleazar M. Escamilla Silva

Part of book: Phytochemicals - Source of Antioxidants and Role in Disease Prevention