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Online First chapter releases in this category

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1. Electromagnetic Spectrum of the Corona Discharge and Their Fundamental Frequency

By Luis E. Martínez Santos, Roberto Linares y Miranda and Fermín P. Espino-Cortés

Part of book: Electromagnetic Compatibility [Working Title]

2. Gyrotron: The most Suitable Millimeter-Wave Source for Heating of Plasma in Tokamak

By Santanu Karmakar and Jagadish C. Mudiganti

Part of book: Plasma Science and Technology [Working Title]

3. Vortex Dynamics in the Wake of Planetary Ionospheres

By Hector Pérez-de-Tejada and Rickard Lundin

Part of book: Vortex Dynamics - From Physical to Mathematical Aspects [Working Title]

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Most cited chapters in this category

Chapter titleDownloads
1. Sterilization by Gamma Irradiation

By Kátia Aparecida da Silva Aquino

Part of book: Gamma Radiation

2. Sample Preparations for Scanning Electron Microscopy – Life Sciences

By Mogana Das Murtey and Patchamuthu Ramasamy

Part of book: Modern Electron Microscopy in Physical and Life Sciences

3. Microstructural and Mineralogical Characterization of Clay Stabilized Using Calcium-Based Stabilizers

By Pranshoo Solanki and Musharraf Zaman

Part of book: Scanning Electron Microscopy


Most downloaded chapters in this category in last 30 days

Chapter title
1. Electron Diffraction

By Mohsen Asadi Asadabad and Mohammad Jafari Eskandari

Part of book: Modern Electron Microscopy in Physical and Life Sciences

2. Effects of Different Laser Pulse Regimes (Nanosecond, Picosecond and Femtosecond) on the Ablation of Materials for Production of Nanoparticles in Liquid Solution

By Abubaker Hassan Hamad

Part of book: High Energy and Short Pulse Lasers

3. Photoelastic Modulated Imaging Ellipsometry

By Chien-Yuan Han, Yu-Faye Chao and Hsiu-Ming Tsai

Part of book: Ellipsometry - Principles and Techniques for Materials Characterization

4. An Overview on Quantum Cascade Lasers: Origins and Development

By Raúl Pecharromán-Gallego

Part of book: Quantum Cascade Lasers

5. Application of FTIR Spectroscopy in Environmental Studies

By Claudia Maria Simonescu

Part of book: Advanced Aspects of Spectroscopy

6. Optically Clear Adhesives for OLED

By Joel T. Abrahamson, Hollis Z. Beagi, Fay Salmon and Christopher J. Campbell

Part of book: Luminescence - OLED Technology and Applications

7. Anomalous Transmission Properties Modulated by Photonic Crystal Bands

By Guoyan Dong

Part of book: Theoretical Foundations and Application of Photonic Crystals

8. Laser-Induced Plasma and its Applications

By Kashif Chaudhary, Syed Zuhaib Haider Rizvi and Jalil Ali

Part of book: Plasma Science and Technology - Progress in Physical States and Chemical Reactions

9. X-Ray Diffraction in Biology: How Can We See DNA and Proteins in Three Dimensions?

By Claudine Mayer

Part of book: X-ray Scattering

10. Traffic Noise

By Sanja Grubesa and Mia Suhanek

Part of book: Noise and Environment