This year we celebrate the 10th edition of the DeSForM conference series. In 2005 DeSForM was born in (Eindhoven) the Netherlands with the premise of creating meaning through objects, interactions and people. Over the years, the DeSForM community has explored and designed objects through a multisensorial approach always aiming at enriching users’ experiences with them. Throughout previous editions we have seen the development from digital and mechanical objects that had enriched sensorial presence to adaptive and intelligent objects that feel almost analogous to reality given their increased information processing power and sensory resolution. These are thanks to the recent developments in the material sciences, robotics, information and sensor technology, and improved production techniques. Consequently, the arena that belongs to design researchers and practitioners has gotten more sophisticated by being more technical, but also raises new questions regarding the effect and the impact of the new technologically rich designs. In 2017, DeSForM is returning to its place of birth opening up to a broader audience with deeper insights to debate about the future of dynamic “form” giving and its effects on people and their environment. The conference will be hosted by the industrial design schools of TU Delft and TU Eindhoven.

Ripple, TU Eindhoven, photo by Bart van Overbeeke Fotografie

For the 10th edition, DeSForM will bring you the best Dutch design can offer in collaboration with Design United and Philips Design. Participants will have a chance to experience the Dutch Design Week 2017 in Eindhoven, which starts right after the conference on October 21. This international event hosts exhibitions from a great variety of schools, companies and designers.

DeSForM is an intimate, single-track conference that brings together design researchers, practitioners, students, and companies to have in-depth discussions over ongoing projects. It is an excellent platform for making new connections and bridging research interests. Therefore, we warmly invite multidisciplinary perspectives and discussions on current issues addressed in design research. Join us in Delft and Eindhoven and experience the rich and extensive design research and practice tradition that skillfully combines social sciences, arts and engineering to stimulate design-driven innovations!

Interactive Technology Design, TU Delft

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